eric_1iMedicare helps us easily evaluate Medicare Part D enrollment plan options for patients based on their specific medications, costs and plan service area. With iMedicare, Jeff or Eric can fully evaluate Medicare plans, ensuring patients are on the most affordable plan. Medicare plan formularies and prices change on a monthly basis, making it imperative for patients to compare plans year-round.

In 2015, pharmacies using iMedicare helped 250,000 Medicare patients across the U.S. and saved them an average of $1,150 on their expected annual Part D costs (including co-pays and premiums). This resulted in a savings of $287.5 million to Medicare recipients.

Around 80% of Medicare patients can save money each year by finding a more affordable Medicare plan. We are excited that our pharmacies went above and beyond to identify these patients and deliver such immense savings,” says Nathan Shanor, CFO of iMedicare. “As the Medicare population continues to grow, we look forward to iMedicare pharmacies yielding even greater results.”

Our pharmacists can also explore options to help with your Medicare Part D costs, including federal or state income-based assistance programs that will help you pay your premium and/or co-pays. Let us take the hassle out of applying for Medicare Part D!

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